October 23, 2012


I belong to the Facebook Group "Midlands A&S 50 Persona Challenge". It was started by the fabulous Baroness Verena Entenwirth as a way for people to dig deep and truly research their persona. Every 2 weeks a series of questions is posted, and then we research the answers to those questions.

Because I love making and wearing garb of many centuries, a sort of have a few SCA alter egos, depending on what I am wearing or doing that day. Some of them have names, and a small back story, but at events I am always Jocelyn. Facebook has done enough to make us forget all of our SCA names again, so calling myself a different name for the day is just too much.

I would like to mention my alter-egos though, because they are fun, hard working, and delightful ladies:
>Helga Ivorsdottir, 10th Dane living in Jorvik. While married to her first husband they lived in Iceland. It is a wild magical country, but she much rather likes the warmer temperatures and stability of city life with her blacksmith husband.
>Alice Choysse, 14th century widower in Oxford, took over her husbands bookshop where they took commisions for prayer books and rented out pecia for the students at the university.
>And every once in a while, Milly will leave the ancestral hunting lodge in the north, to come to dirty old 16th c. London to meet her sea captain husband and see what presents he has brought for her from afar.

It is turning our this Persona project is deeply fascinating, and I am going off on so many tangents, I would never be able to research and keep the biographies of 4 ladies straight. So we will focus on the first, my true namesake, Dame Jocelyn of Lutterworth. Lets begin to meet her in the next post.

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