October 23, 2012

Midrealm Persona Project-Question Set 1: Current Local

1. What country do you live in? What part of the country?
Englaland, in the Guthlaxton wapentake (hundred). About a days walk from Ledecestre (Leicester) to the noreast, and Coventry in the sowest; and A few hours walk from Rocheberie (Rugby) to the south. While I have never gone to see it, there is a high cross about half a days walk to the norwest where the ancient Roman roads of Fosse Way and  Watling Street cross.

2. Are there any maps from your area (from your time) No, have not found any extant maps yet.

3. What is your capital? Wintonceastre (Winchester)

4. How far is it to the capital city? (in units of measure your persona would have used?) 100 miles
5. Have you ever been there? No
6. How did you get here? My great grandfather Ivo de Goce was given land becasue of his acts of valor and dedication to his baron on the battlefield of Hastings. VER

7. What is the climate like? We have cool weather, and mild winters. Very rarely do the men need to take off their tunics during thier work, exept perhaps in the warmest months of July and August. In the winter, we sometimes get snow, but it does not stay on the ground very long.  The streams and rivers do not freeze over, and occasionally on some very cold nights in January and February would the water in pails and troughs get a rind of ice upon them.

8. What is the terrain like?
The land is rather flat, with a few hillocks and slopes. The flat lands are covered in grasses for grazing cattle and sheep, and the soil good for growing corn (grains) and oats. There are ample small woodlands along the creeks and marshes in the vales. EXP

9. Who are the people who live in this place?
 Farmers, both freedmen and villeins. In the village of Lutterwurth, a few tradesmen such as the potter, the smith, stone cutters, woodworkers, and a tanner. VER

10. Who are the people who travel to or through here? TBD

11. What is the largest road and where does it go? TBD
12. The nearest church or cathedral? The church of St. Mary in the village of Lutterwurth. EXP

13. Nearest waterway? Is it navigable and how? The River Swift runs through the village of Lutterwurth. Ne name is deceiving, it is actually moreso a stream. During seasons of drought, some parts of it dry up and we need to take our livestock further down the river to drink. The river starts in the marshes to the east, and flows sowest to the River Avon.

13 7/32. And what do those letters mean?
(TBD-TO BE DETERMINED) I dont know the answers yet, but I will work on finding them.
(VER-VERIFY) Right now I am just making stuff up. ;-) I will work on fleshing out that story.
(EXP-EXPAND) I've so much more cool stuff to tell you about this, but I'll get to that later.


I belong to the Facebook Group "Midlands A&S 50 Persona Challenge". It was started by the fabulous Baroness Verena Entenwirth as a way for people to dig deep and truly research their persona. Every 2 weeks a series of questions is posted, and then we research the answers to those questions.

Because I love making and wearing garb of many centuries, a sort of have a few SCA alter egos, depending on what I am wearing or doing that day. Some of them have names, and a small back story, but at events I am always Jocelyn. Facebook has done enough to make us forget all of our SCA names again, so calling myself a different name for the day is just too much.

I would like to mention my alter-egos though, because they are fun, hard working, and delightful ladies:
>Helga Ivorsdottir, 10th Dane living in Jorvik. While married to her first husband they lived in Iceland. It is a wild magical country, but she much rather likes the warmer temperatures and stability of city life with her blacksmith husband.
>Alice Choysse, 14th century widower in Oxford, took over her husbands bookshop where they took commisions for prayer books and rented out pecia for the students at the university.
>And every once in a while, Milly will leave the ancestral hunting lodge in the north, to come to dirty old 16th c. London to meet her sea captain husband and see what presents he has brought for her from afar.

It is turning our this Persona project is deeply fascinating, and I am going off on so many tangents, I would never be able to research and keep the biographies of 4 ladies straight. So we will focus on the first, my true namesake, Dame Jocelyn of Lutterworth. Lets begin to meet her in the next post.