January 24, 2009

This is a 7x9' banner, or "fresco" I made as a decoration for Tree Girt Sea's 12th night. We had a Roman theme, and decorated the hall with paper columns.

I used "sign canvas", a vinyl backed cloth, and interior flat house paint, becasue it was going to be much cheaper than buying enough artists acrylics. I got it for a steal too--the paint brand had an $8 rebate special per can at Menards, and the cheapest flat grade of that brand was $8.99 a can. Thats right baby! .99 a gallon!! , but drat, limit 4. I bought 5 gallon pails of the main colors, and mixed artist acrylics to get the other shades.

When I get the chance, I will post what period building this actually came from.

January 20, 2009

Goals for 2009

Hi all. Just checking in. I will be back to working on my web pages in a few weeks.

I have been very busy this winter working on art projects for 12th night, and my duties as Lincoln Signet.

Among my goals for 2009 are:

Finish the Exultet roll.
Do a fabulous job on a comissioned Elizabethan laurel scroll.
Get back to basics in the technical aspects of C&I
Explore more styles by creating more blanks.

Sew new garb for Mark in more period fabrics.
Get that Elizabethan ensenble going!
More garb for me in more period fabrics.
Finish the Astronomia Gown.

Travel more, but will be harder with less vacation this year.
Finish all the undone house projects.
Do more gardening.
Grow hops.
Throw more parties.
Stick to an exercise and diet plan.
Read more fiction.

Laugh, Love, and Live Life More!