March 5, 2006

Where I was in 2005

My 2005 Event schedule

I just threw away a 2005 calendar so I thought I would take a minute to list the SCA events I made it to last year.

January 15 12th Night, Tree Girt Sea (Chicago, IL)
April MKHSS, Shattered Crystal, (E. St. Louis, IL)**
May Chaos Caravan, Greyhope, (Lake Co IN)**
June Peasants Revolt, Rokkhealdon, (Big Rock, IL)**
July A Pas-ish Event, Tree Girt Sea (Chicago, IL)
August 13-18, Pennsic War**
Sept 17 Rendezvous at the Bridge, Rivierre Constelle, (Evansville, IN)
Sept 24 Fox Hunt, Foxvale, (Aurora, IL)
November 5 Event, Vanished Wood, (Elgin, IL)
November 12 MKHSS, Baile na Scolari, (Bloomington, IL)
November 19 RUM, White Waters, (South Bend, IN)**

**Events where I taught classes.

Hmm, 11 events-not bad for a year. I have never been to an event on Ohio or Kentucky, maybe I should try to do that at least once. Haven't been to Michigan for a few years. Every time we wnt to Val Day, driving home in a blizzard was guaranteed. Bah upon lake effect snow!