January 26, 2013

Midrealm Persona Project: 10 manuscripts from my time

Response to Question from 1/26/13, For the A&S 50 Persona Project

"List as many illuminated manuscripts, book of hours, ext. written in your century AND your time period. Try to find 10!"

Here are some links for you:

This one I call MOMMO: Mother Of all Medieval Manuscripts Online. It occurred to me most of the links I have been saving for years are right here anyway. http://www.utm.edu/staff/bobp/vlibrary/mdmss.shtml

And here are my personal links:


So, here goes:

Jocelyn’s List of 12th century English manuscripts
(This one goes to 11)

“Winchester Psalter’ or ‘Psalter of Henry of Blois’
Mid 12th century-2nd half of the 13th century, Winchester Cathedral
Fully Digitized, British Library: MS Cotton Nero c iv
f. 7r--Very interesting striped hose

Miscellany including Bede's De Natura Rerum A composite manuscript: John Chrysostom, Homilies. Augustine of Hippo, Sermons. Isidore of Seville, De Differentis. Bede, De Natura Rerum Anselm, De libero arbitrio.
Mid 12th century, probably England
Fully Digitized, British Library: Harley MS 3015

Psalter ('The Shaftesbury Psalter') with calendar and prayers
1135, the nunnery at Shaftesbury, England
Fully Digitized, British Library: Lansdowne MS 383

The Rochester Bible 12th century, England [the cathedral priory of St Andrew, Rochester]http://www.bl.uk/manuscripts/FullDisplay.aspx?index=18&ref=Royal_MS_1_c_vii
Fully Digitized, Royal MS 1 C VII, ff 1r-183v)
Bede, Prose Life of Cuthbert England, North (Durham).The priory of Durham Cathedral, 1175-1200
Fully Digitized, British Library: Yates Thompson MS 26
f. 9r, Missing miniature, pasted down and lost. Part of a horse’s butt outside of what’s left of a painted frame.

John of Worcester‘s, Chronicle of world and English history,
Worcester Cathedral Priory, written 1128-1140.
Fully Digitized, Oxford, Corpus Christi College, MS 157

Terence's Comedies
St. Albans Abbey, mid 12th century
Fully Digitized, Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Auct. F. 2.13
Opusculum de ratione sperean anonymous Latin compilation on astronomy English, Mid 12th century
Fully Digitized, Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Digby 83
Scenes of the birth of ChristNorth English, third quarter of the 12th century
http://bodley30.bodley.ox.ac.uk:8180/luna/servlet/view/all/what/MS.%20Douce%20293/when/12th%20century,%20third%20quarter/?q=LIMIT: ODLodl~29~29,ODLodl~7~7,ODLodl~6~6,ODLodl~14~14,ODLodl~8~8,ODLodl~23~23,ODLodl~1~1,ODLodl~24~24&os=0
Illuminations Digitized, Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Douce 293

Worksop bestiaryEngland, possibly in Lincoln or York, ca. 1185
Illuminations Digitized, Pierpont Morgan Library, MS M 81
PsalterEngland, perhaps Canterbury, ca. 1180.
Illuminations Digitized, Pierpont Morgan Library, MS G.43



Some Random Durham Cathedral Charters with bodacious wax seals: