August 21, 2006

Back From Pennsic 35

Sunday, August 20, 2006
10:07:14 PM EDT
Back From Pennsic 35

Today Mark and I have returned from our Pennsic and points east trip. I had a nice time on my vacation. Because we only spent 4 days at the War this year--visits to Pittsburgh to see family and a side trip to Gettysburg cut our stay at War short, I dont have a Pennsic top 10 this year. So:

Top 5 Best of Pennsic 35:

5. The Naughty Nautical party (which was not actually very naughty) VERY NICE and classy instead.
4. Again, Owain Pfyffe
3. Again, the Corn Party
2. The nice Bardic Circle hosted by the Barony of Debatable Lands
1. The fantastic feedback I got for teaching and showing my Exultet Roll. The class I taught rocked, and I got some great pointers to track down more info about them and the Exultet ceremony.