September 10, 2008


I had to say goodbye to 2 very good friends that comforted and supported me since Pennsic 24.

CHAIR: 13 good long years *sniff* of soft coziness after a long day, a place to rest my head when weary.
SHOES: *sob* You have carried me over many miles, up hills and down, in mud ,filth and dust, through water over their tops, and always ready to snap back into action after a sit in the drying sun or a good laundering.

You have borne the brunt of this toil, been mended many a time, yet your bodies have simply worn out and broke again, never to carry on anew.

I say adeiu, thank you, RIP my friends, Pennsic 37.

I have sewn the soles to the tops 3 times each, and again they tore. 13 years of outdoor SCA events not bad for Kmart sneakers.

On the chair, Dad welded the frame again, and reinforced where the frame kept bending. The reinforcement bent too. That is why the arms are bowed and the chair tries to fold you up too.