August 21, 2006

Back From Pennsic 35

Sunday, August 20, 2006
10:07:14 PM EDT
Back From Pennsic 35

Today Mark and I have returned from our Pennsic and points east trip. I had a nice time on my vacation. Because we only spent 4 days at the War this year--visits to Pittsburgh to see family and a side trip to Gettysburg cut our stay at War short, I dont have a Pennsic top 10 this year. So:

Top 5 Best of Pennsic 35:

5. The Naughty Nautical party (which was not actually very naughty) VERY NICE and classy instead.
4. Again, Owain Pfyffe
3. Again, the Corn Party
2. The nice Bardic Circle hosted by the Barony of Debatable Lands
1. The fantastic feedback I got for teaching and showing my Exultet Roll. The class I taught rocked, and I got some great pointers to track down more info about them and the Exultet ceremony.

June 4, 2006

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Fun With Google Part 1-What's in a name?

The "Lady Jocelyn" and the "Lutterworth" were clipper ships doing the immigration and supply runs from England to New Zealand the 2nd half of the 19th century.

More about the "Lady Jocelyn":

And now back to work. I always find the coolest online stuff when I am supposed to be doing real job work. It is such a nice weekend outside but I had to bring home like 82 pounds of paperwork. UGGHHH!

May 2, 2006

My A & S Project, 2006

Monday, May 1, 2006

A & S Results-Woo Hoo

OK now is time to unveil my super-secret A&S project that I have been working on for 2 years. Drum Roll Please....

An 11th century Italian Exultet Roll

An Exultet Roll is a liturgical scroll containing the text and music for the hymn of the Easter Mass. In southern Italy in the 11th and 12th centuries, the unique way the mass was presented gave rise to the use of these scrolls. The unique feature of these heavily decorated scrolls was that the pictures were upside down in relation to the txt. That way the deacon singing the hymn would unroll the scroll over the top of the pulpit and the audience would see the pictures upside down.

Follow this link to see the pictures of the Exultet Roll:

Best of all, I entered my replica of an Exultet roll (the first part) in Midlands A&S on April 29th, 2006 and got
First Place--Illumination
First Place--Calligraphy

March 5, 2006

Where I was in 2005

My 2005 Event schedule

I just threw away a 2005 calendar so I thought I would take a minute to list the SCA events I made it to last year.

January 15 12th Night, Tree Girt Sea (Chicago, IL)
April MKHSS, Shattered Crystal, (E. St. Louis, IL)**
May Chaos Caravan, Greyhope, (Lake Co IN)**
June Peasants Revolt, Rokkhealdon, (Big Rock, IL)**
July A Pas-ish Event, Tree Girt Sea (Chicago, IL)
August 13-18, Pennsic War**
Sept 17 Rendezvous at the Bridge, Rivierre Constelle, (Evansville, IN)
Sept 24 Fox Hunt, Foxvale, (Aurora, IL)
November 5 Event, Vanished Wood, (Elgin, IL)
November 12 MKHSS, Baile na Scolari, (Bloomington, IL)
November 19 RUM, White Waters, (South Bend, IN)**

**Events where I taught classes.

Hmm, 11 events-not bad for a year. I have never been to an event on Ohio or Kentucky, maybe I should try to do that at least once. Haven't been to Michigan for a few years. Every time we wnt to Val Day, driving home in a blizzard was guaranteed. Bah upon lake effect snow!