July 8, 2010

A Pretty Cool weekend: Yard Sale, Pennsic Bed, and Rush!

On Saturday, I held a yard sale. It wasn't very big, but I got rid of a lot of toys, kids clothes, new and like new housewares, and a bike that never fit me right. I think one of the fun parts is chatting with the folks that come by. I didnt make a huge amount of money, but enough to fund a shopping trip to Ikea to get a Pennsic camping bed.

I wanted to upgrade from sleeping on an air mattress on the ground at Pennsic to having a "real" bed. Knowing that we are running short on time (and woodworking skills), I found a new model at Ikea that looks pretty simplistic, looked like it will break down into smaller parts in the car, and that will give a more period feel:
Presenting Fjellse: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80185066

All wood, ready to be finished or left plain. Later, I think I want to do some woodburned vine work, but that will wait to be a winter project. I have been coveting the sheepskin rugs they sell also, to use as blankets, but even the largest sheepskin rug would not have covered the bed. So I chose a flokati rug. Very comfortable and snuggly but half the price. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10093942

The bed needs a base to support the mattress. We decided against this, http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/75844609, because it is actually two strips of slats, the center support of the bed is only 1 inch wide, and I was fearful of a collapse should the two strips slats ever began to spread apart and fall off the center support. So, we went to Menards Sunday after the 4th of July parade, and bought 16 1"x3"x8' furring strips for about $22, and Mark cut them to fit the bed frame. That way they lay across the center support as well. We had to get an new air mattress because our queen double high would not have fit the frame. Menards had the single high air matresses too. Lastly, to protect the air mattress from splinters, I got 3 cheap rug runners with rubber backing there to lay across the slats. The rubber backing helped to keep the slats from shifting as well. Also, runners can be rolled up and packed upright in the car better than a big long rug.

The test run Sunday night worked! My new medievaloid bed gets two thumbs up from me.

Monday night, we went downtown to see my all time favorite band in the world, Rush! I think this was the 14th time I have seen them since 1988.
Not so great: The venue, Charter One pavilion at Northerly Island, a tacky outdoor arena covered in spiders and rickety seating--even though its only a few years old.
Horrible: Our seats, could not even see Neil or the video screen at the back of the stage.

And then something happened at intermission...

Awesome: An employee came around our section and passed out tickets to the people who didnt get up, to go sit in the empty VIP boxes instead!
Flippin Awesome: The rest of the show, 2 more hours worth of rocking from in front of the stage. They celebrated the 30th anniversary of the album Moving Pictures by playing it in its entirety. Sweet! What a show!

And that is the tale of my pretty cool weekend