May 5, 2008

Why Can't SCA Feasts Look Like This?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Why Cant SCA Feasts Look Like This?

God, I amost cried at these pictures. Look at what I found.
12th night at recreated Saxon longhouse--Wychurst by Regia Anglorum.

Now that is when the Dream comes alive. I have been complaining for years that they dont turn the lights off at feasts anymore. Yeah, I know candles arent allowed at sites much, but try and turn off the lights!!!! Sitting in a gymnasium going blind is no fun and not mood enhancing. Often, when the main lights in the room are off, there is still enough ambient light from exit signs, side halls, doorways etc to see and yet keep the mood.

I still reminisce about one feast from the early 90's down at Shattered Crystal. Even though it was at a school, we still got to use candles. The main lights in the caefteria were turned off, but the side lights and stage lights provided enough light for the minstrels and dancers to be seen and the servers not to kill themselves, but it was still dim enough for period ambience.
Also it didnt hurt trading goo goo eyes with a suitor.....ah memories.

Comment from aelfreda123 Email aelfreda1236/16/08 7:51 AM

I was there...and it was was a cold night, being January, but we had a huge fire all the way down our fire box, with cauldrons over it to keep food warm. Six or seven courses. Outside real wolves were howling (ok, they were in a cage in the wildlife park next door but it sounded great). Everything smelt of smoke for weeks afterwards (no chimney of course) - but the atmosphere is amazing.