January 24, 2009

This is a 7x9' banner, or "fresco" I made as a decoration for Tree Girt Sea's 12th night. We had a Roman theme, and decorated the hall with paper columns.

I used "sign canvas", a vinyl backed cloth, and interior flat house paint, becasue it was going to be much cheaper than buying enough artists acrylics. I got it for a steal too--the paint brand had an $8 rebate special per can at Menards, and the cheapest flat grade of that brand was $8.99 a can. Thats right baby! .99 a gallon!! , but drat, limit 4. I bought 5 gallon pails of the main colors, and mixed artist acrylics to get the other shades.

When I get the chance, I will post what period building this actually came from.

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