September 24, 2010

Maroon Dress Diary-part 1

Sewed the Elizabethan bodice last night, but the front closure is not laying as flat as I want. I am using heavy duty hook and eye tape to close. (See below) Its just basted on now, so it can be fixed. Hints? Other options for front closure? Will it lay flatter when I use smaller more sturdy stiches?

Jumbo Hook & Eye- Black/Nickle :: Jumbo Hook & Eye :: Hook & Loop

I am inserting it on the Underside...its not meant to be visible. But I am still getting slight gappage where the two sides of the dress meet.

Saturday:I beat it into submission....and I think it turned out ok! I just needed to yank that corset a little tighter, and also the loose basting stiches werent helping. Heres to 2 rows of machine stiching on the tape edge and then another hand sewn seam on the hook side.

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