November 6, 2008

Astronomia's Dress

The theme for Twefth Night this year is a 16th c Roman Masque. Because I need some new clothes for my 12th c. persona, I will be making an outfit to depict Astronomia, the allegorical personification of Astronomy--one of the 7 original Liberal Arts.

Cod Lat 2599

Notice the ruffly sleeve lining peeking out from her pendant sleeve. I belive this to be the sleeve of a second layer. This is not the interpretation those on the 12th c Garb Yahoo list, or the folks I have been showing the picture to agree. But I have somone else to back me up.

Check out Teffania's research here:
This woman's research rocks!

I have a copy of the Stammheim Missal, (also contemporary to time and place as the MSS Teffania shows) again is an image of a ruffly sleeve lining.

I think this is definitely a regional style. We are talking southern Germany, Austria, and the Alps. I think layering 3 dresses is the way to go in an Alpine winter.

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